Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting Noticed

The holiday season is fast approaching. Are your items ready to be found by people seeking that special gift for that some one special? If you are unsure, perhaps some of these tips might help Santa put your gifts right in front of that eager internet shopper.

Be sure you name your pictures (when you save them to your computer) according to what the item is. Use keywords in naming that pictures because some internet searchers, search the images in their internet browser.

Next, your title should read specific as to what the item is. Lets say you want to sell a fishing lure. Well your not going to title it "fishing lure" of course (you'll never be seen with the millions of lures Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops sells...LOL) You want to be more specific like:

"Strike King Mini King Spinnerbait 2 oz. Clear/Silver/Red"

Strike King is the manufacture
Mini King Spinnerbait would be the name of the lure
2 oz. would be the weight
Clear/Silver/Red would be the color

Use these words in your bullet list and in your description as many times as you can without looking to obvious. If you use keywords to many times, search engines will consider it spamming and will ignore it all together. I try to use my keywords up to three times in a listing.

After your item's listing is perfect, be sure to Twitter, Facebook, Stumble, and Craigslist it. The more hits (views) your item receives and how well your title and description is written will be where your item will rank in search engines.

Another good way to get noticed is when your thinking of something to blog. Search Facebook for that keyword(s) thats what I did when I made this posting. I typed in Facebook search "Getting Noticed" and there was a lot of postings on this topic so I decided to use this phrase. Now if you go to facebook search and type in "Not" or "Get" my blog pops up right away with my avatar. Search your idea and keywords FIRST before you title a blog.

Opps! I forgot to mention that advertising on your vehicles window with vinyl lettering or even a nicely designed decal always helps. There's a lot of bored people waiting for something and they're always searching on the internet with their cell phones and net books. Shouldn't they be searching your store also? You just never know. I get sales from my decals all the time. Remember, a Business with No Sign, is a Sign of no Business!

Now I have to go and spiffy up my items to be sure everything is ready for the Holiday Shopping Season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recycle Reuse Boxes

Do you recycle or reuse boxes? Would you mind receiving purchased items in recycled boxes?

I've been doing this for years and have never had a complaint yet. The boxes I use to ship purchased items come from a local store called Family Dollar. Usually the great people that work there save me the boxes with a little or no advertisement on them. If there is advertisement on them I will turn the box inside out and re-glue the side so any advertisement is on the inside. I remove any existing tape and labels. After I'm done I have a recycled box. It saves the environment and our bottom which is the cost of boxes. I can't see passing on $1.99 up to $5.00 a piece to the customer when a recycled box is just as good. Now I can see if it was a higher end product I would surely eat the cost of a box but I usually sell low to mid range items.

Please leave comment or your thoughts on this issue.