Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free Foam Packing Material and Boxes

You can get free foam packing material at any local furniture or rental stores. I go to my local furniture weekly and they are happy to give it to me. They use this material to wrap couches and chairs with. This foam material is light weight and will protect any item in delivery.

Just thought I'd pass this on to my fellow sellers. :O)

I also go to our Family Dollars stores for boxes and usually they are advertisement free.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Add a PayPal Button on a Blog

Log into your PayPal account. Go to My Account, Overview. Skroll down until you see "Tools" look for Create New Button. Click on that and fill in the information about your item including shipping. When your done it will go to the next page where it will give you some HTML Code. Click on "Select Code" it will turn blue. Copy it and paste it into the HTML box in your blog.

This is where your going to add the HTML (see blue arrow below). After you have it added the HTML preview it. If it's there then go back and add all the items information and picture in the compose box. You might have to do some rearranging if necessary. After your done and it looks good then, test your new PayPal button to be sure it works. Good Luck!

Monday, October 25, 2010

What Cured My Atopic Dermatitis Psoriasis Eczema

(pic from left before, middle and right, after)

This is my story of how my eczema atopic dermatitis psoriasis has went away.

I am a 49 year old male that has suffered with atopic dermatitis all my life and I'd like to share with you what cured it. Now mind you that over 49 years I have used everything the doctors suggested including steroid creams, antibacterial creams, oatmeal soaks, prednisone (steroids) antibiotics, atarax, benadryl, ect.

Two months ago I was working on a motorized bicycle and when I was done I had grease on my hands so I went in to wash up. Prior to this day I would wash my hands with anything available but recently when the golf oil spill was going on I seen on the news how the were washing the animals and birds with DAWN dish liquid. So I purchased some. This day when I went to wash my hands I remembered the DAWN dish liquid was under the sink, so I grabbed it and started washing.

Well, a little while later (approx. one hour) to my amazement I noticed that a few of the open sores on my hands had closed. I was amazed. Four hours later I decide to wash my hands again and the sores closed even more. I was so excited. I've always been self consious about my dermatitis avoiding to shake hands and keeping them in my pockets. Now, as you can see in the pictures, (picture far left: you can see blisters. pictures: middle and bottom you can see healing) I still have some scaring however, I'm sure it will go away in time using Aveeno moisturizing lotion.

I also had it on my elbows and legs, however as of today Monday October 25th 2010 it's been gone for over two months. I continue to shower with DAWN dish liquid everyother day.

It still baffels me but hey, it worked for me.

I am not suggesting you do this however, I'm sharing my experience. Always consult your doctor before starting any kind of regiment.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old English Detroit D Decal
This Old English D decals would look good in the rear window or your car or truck. It's made of long lasting white vinyl and measures 5" tall X 3.75" wide.

You can get one of these decals in my bonanza store.

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