Friday, May 27, 2011

Assembled Motorized Beach Cruiser Bicycle w/ 48CC Motor

Assembled Motorized Beach Cruiser Bicycle w/ 48CC Motor

This is my newest build. A Huffy 26" mens beach cruiser bicycle named "Big Daddy" It is flat black and red. I bought this bike at a local Meijer's store with the intention of building a great looking bike that would be fun to ride. This motorized bike can be driven as a bicycle too. Simply disengage the clutch and you'll enjoy the simplicity of a bicycle.

The great thing about these kind of bikes is it's diversity. It can be road as a bicycle on a nice summer night or as a motor bike running errands, to the post office, to your local store, or a long ride to a friends house. Where ever you ride this bike will be a fun experience.

State of Michigan laws states a motorized bike with a motor 48CC or lower is considered a bicycle and rider should comply with bicycle laws. Thats whats so great about these bikes and also it travels 150 MPG and goes 35 MPH. Hows that for beating the system....LOL

This bike is available for sale. It will be a local pick up only. Location: South of Detroit, MI (Downriver) You can contact me at
Price $450.00 sorry, No Test Rides!

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