Saturday, January 7, 2012


The reason I am blogging about this term is because I will be trying to incorperate self-discipline with not smoking and some other areas in my life. At 50 years old there is always room for improvement.

An old timer once told me that whatever you do for the better is a building block for your foundation. I find this true in many areas in my life however, some areas need attention now such as cigarette smoking and over eating which I am now starting to address do to the short stay in the hospital recently.

I am learning that self-discipline is like building muscle. The more you train it, the stronger you become mentially and physically. If I take this approch and think of not smoking for one extra minute, it will be sorta like that extra rep you take while lifting weights. I have to take this one minute at a time for right now and hopefully it will turn to one hour at a time then days at a time. I don't care if I have to screem in my pillow or lock myself in the house. I want this for me and it is going to take self-discipline to overcome.

Old time once said "Ya keep getting what your getting cause ya keep doing what your doing, if you don't like what your getting, CHANGE what your doing"!... I can see his point now!

"Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"!


  1. Frankly, my dear Roger, I've been avoiding your blog. You could blame it on a guilty conscience I suppose, since I should be doing exactly what you're doing - quitting smoking. Not that I haven't done it before, because I have. Many times. And, I have to admit, with a downright self-righteous tiara-tude and a healthy helping of disdain for those who were still smoking. So, it's not that I don't care that you have quit smoking, it just reminds me that I am scum. LOL I am over here cheering you on and watching in awe. You can do it, Sugar!

  2. Brenda, don't even go there! You'll quit when your ready. I didn't think I'd quit, hell I wasn't even thinking about it however, when I was flat on my back like an over turned turtle wheezing his ass off, welp that's a convincer enough for me. As I was in this same position many times before, this time was different in my mind. Love ya Brenda :)

  3. Hey, I'm ready every morning. Good intentions, blah, blah, blah. Maybe tomorrow . . . After all, tomorrow is another day. ;) And I'm so glad you're feeling better. {hugs}